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In the fight of the battle with Covid-19, CALD communities should be supported. “Blessing CALD”, a weekly Covid-19 news magazine to help CALD Australians getting through this time of hardship.

“Blessing CALD” distributes official Covid-19 information and policy in different languages. Our commitment is to keep CALD communities periodically informed about new developments of this battle in Australia and inviting them to support the various measures from the governments to keep Australia safe.

“Blessing CALD” is published with a multicultural perspective, share various cuisines and knowledge from different CALD cultures under the “new normal” lifestyle. We help you to stay healthy and connected with how different communities are surviving. “Blessing CALD” is published in English and multi-languages, available in Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Italian, Vietnamese, Spanish, and a lot of others.

“Blessing CALD” is committed to providing you up-to-date news information about Covid-19 Australia.