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Best Australian festivals to visit in 2022 and 2023 (Part B)



  1. Williamstown Heritage Beer and Cider Festival – November 26, 2022

It’s well known that beer tastes better by the water. So imagine how well the 100-plus beers and ciders from 20 independent breweries will go down on a late spring day at the Williamstown docks. Food trucks, music, loads of kids’ activities and the short train ride from the centre of Melbourne make this an ideal day out for beer mums and dads. 


  1. Canberra Truffle Festival – June to August, 2022

Quite literally a paddock-to-plate experience, the Canberra Truffle Festival gives you the chance to go out hunting for these elusive and highly prized fungi before retiring to taste your bounty. There are also plenty of restaurant and winery events for those who prefer not to get their hands dirty.


  1. Floriade – 17 to October 16, 2022

Spring in the nation’s capital can only mean one thing: Floriade! The annual flower festival has been taking place since 1988, but retains its ability to surprise and delight, with intricately designed garden beds chock-full of colour. Entry is free, so that’s hard to beat, too. September 


  1. Wave Rock Weekender – September 23-26, 2022

A low-key music festival at a spectacular prehistoric rock formation in the WA Wheatbelt? Sign us up. With caravan camping facilities (no sweaty mornings in the tent), intimate performances, film screenings, a focus on sustainability and a therapeutic saltwater pool, tickets are sure to go fast. 


  1. Perth Festival – February 10 to March 5, 2023 

Australia’s longest-running cultural festival, Perth Festival’s 2023 theme is Djinda, the Noongar word for “stars”. Expect a turn to the heavens, with performance art, music, author talks and more art than you can poke a stick at contemplating our place beneath the southern sky. 

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5 tips on saving at the supermarket




  1. Get better value by comparing unit prices

Unit prices break down the cost of a product into standard units of measurement, such as per 100 grams, and let you compare different products more easily. So look beyond the headline price of an item and see where you could be getting better value by comparing unit prices between different brands or different packet sizes.


  1. Switch to supermarket-brand products

Our tests have found that supermarket homebrand products have improved in quality in recent years, occasionally even outdoing national brands in taste tests. The even better news is that our latest basket survey found possible savings of up to 40% when shoppers switched to these products.


  1. Grab specials as they come up

Our supermarket surveys found very little price difference between the big retailers, meaning switching between them when each offers specials could go a long way in helping you save.


  1. Look for product refills

More retailers are now selling products that can be refilled, which means you can save money and reduce the amount of environmental waste you produce. 


  1. Avoid pre-cut food items

We’ve found that some pre-cut fruit and vegetables can cost up to five times as much per kilo as the unprocessed originals, not to mention leaving you with more plastic to get rid of.

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Best Australian festivals to visit in 2022 and 2023 (Part C)




  1. Unwined Subiaco – October 22-23, 2022

Western Australia’s best wineries, distilleries and producers descend on Subiaco’s Market Square Park for two days in October for a giant picnic.


  1. Brisbane Street Art Festival – May 7-22, 2022

Since 2016, this festival of outdoor art has been turning Brisbane into a giant open-air art gallery. This year it’s introduced a dedicated arts precinct called Superordinary Northshore in Hamilton, which will host workshops, performances and live mural painting.


  1. Blues on Broadbeach – May 19-22, 2022

This unique Gold Coast event is ideal for those who want the musical festival experience without the roughing it in a tent. It’s mostly unticketed, so you can wander from venue to venue checking out some of the best blues acts from Australia and around the world, then retire to beach or bed, depending on your preference. 


  1. Swell Sculpture Festival – September 9-18, 2022

Sydney’s Sculpture by the Sea has nothing on Currumbin’s Swell Festival, with more than 50 enormous sculptures installed amid the beach landscape. Not only that, there are connected exhibitions at various galleries and a fringe festival featuring workshops, artist talks, wine tastings and music. 


  1. Mona Foma – February 17-26, 2023

The summer sister to Dark Mofo, Mona Foma takes place in Launceston, Hobart and sites across the midlands. Curated by Brian Ritchie of The Violent Femmes, expect big-name musical artists, trippy conceptual art and a focus on Tasmanian Indigenous culture.

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5 tips on saving on insurance



  1. Find out if you actually need private health cover

Private health insurance is vital for some, but Australians have been giving it up in droves in recent years, and we recommend only stumping up for health insurance if you have to. That said, taking out a policy can mean you won’t have to pay as much tax as before, but this depends on your income.


  1. Look for cheaper health cover

We’ve found that people with private health cover could save up to $935 a year on hospital cover by switching to a similar policy with a different insurer. There are hundreds of dollars’ difference among providers, meaning you could make big savings if you shop around.


  1. Get no-claim and restricted driver discounts on car insurance

Some insurers will discount your premiums if you agree to restrict the use of your car to nominated drivers or those over a certain age. Most insurers also offer a no-claims discount or safe-driver bonus, which could save you up to 70% if you go for a certain period of time without making a claim.


  1. Get insurance to match the value of your car

If your car isn’t worth much, save money by getting it insured under a cheaper policy. In fact, it may be worth just getting cheaper third-party cover, which only covers you for damage you cause to other cars. Sticking with the same insurer year after year can lead to you paying more in premiums


  1. Get cheaper home cover by letting your insurer know if you’re working from home

As an insurance customer, you’re obliged to update your insurer about changes to your circumstances. If you’re not going in to the office and are staying at home, you’re lowering the risk of your house being broken into and therefore have grounds to ask your insurer for cheaper cover.

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